Allegan County, Michigan

Established 1849


Phone: 269-751-7655

Fillmore Township was organized with its present boundaries by the Michigan Legislature on March 15, 1849. It had previously been part of a much larger Manlius Township. Just 1 year later Fillmore was doubled in size by the addition of what is now Overisel Township. This lasted until October 14, 1856 when Overisel Township was set off as a separate Township. The first town meeting in Fillmore was held in AprilĀ  1849 at which time Issac Faribanks was chosen as Supervisor, Benjamin Fairbanks as Clerk and Anton Schorno as Treasurer. Isaac Fairbanks, Anton Schorno, George N. Smith and George Harrington were appointed as Justices of the Peace.
At first, Board meetings were held in homes or schoolhouses but in 1890 a Township Hall was built on 144th Ave., just east of 56th St. This Town Hall served the Township until 1994 when a new Town Hall was built on a larger plot of ground at a more central location just north of 142nd Ave. on 52nd St. The old Town Hall was moved to the Outdoor discovery Center on 56th St. and serves as a clubhouse and meeting room.